Product Integrity

  • Here at 9 Lives Video Games we strive and take pride in selling only the most reliable and highest quality Video Games.
  • Whether Retro or New, All of our product is held at the highest standard of quality within reason of course.
  • However! We do offer plenty of products that are just as reliable, but are cosmetically damaged! What does this mean? Well it means you get to save a bit of money, Silly!
    How does it all work though? Well our product that is marked as "Cosmetic Damaged" is an umbrella term we use to describe things such as follows:
    Worn Label, Moisture, Yellowing, Sun Damage, Creases on boxes, Scuffs etc.
    We do this in hopes of keeping your trust when you receive our product, you aren't surprised that we are charging full price for something that isn't the highest quality that we can promise!

  • If at Any point you wish to see the product you are interested in, please reach out! Our Contact Page is listed Below and we would be more than happy to assist you with pictures / videos of your new favorite game or console working!